Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alive and Well Living in San Francisco

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What's up? Guess what? I'm alive and well living in San Francisco. That's right. I'm not dead. I thought I would start blogging again, so be forewarned! Bye!


V. Barton said...

" Passion for everyday Life "
Everyday is a new day, I enjoy my life. It has not always been easy.
Who ever said life was suppose to be easy or fair. No one has ever said this. I love life, because everyday God allows me another opportunity to help one of my fellow human beings.
This is what the main purpose of my life is. And as I perform any deed to help someone, I'm performing the will of God. This life God has allowed me to have, is not about me. It's always been about my efforts and motivation to help someone else.
When the Lord was in human form, He went about doing good. He did this, because He was and is good. He wants us to follow His example. We are spirits beings, who have been giving the chance to live a human existence.
Most of us don't have a clue. We think we're here for ourselves. This is why we are so miserable. Self pity produces depression. Selfishness produces discontentment. Selflessness produces contentment.God made us all connected by spirits. We cannot disregard our fellow human beings, and live a life of contentment.
Human beings are some of the hardest to relate to. Because we already have our minds made up concerning certain issues. Some are personal and some are societal.
My passion for life is to help others until the day I die. I not saying this will be an easy task. Mankind can be very, very mean. I thank God for the passion for everyday life.
I have my five wonderfull adult childrens and 5, grandchildrens and 1 great granddaughter keep me going to seeing them growing up "2006" Awwwwww You care. You are the first to open up my heart, spirit and our soul.

V. Barton said...

To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under
the heaven....
A time to be born , and a time to die,
A times to mourn, and a time to dance,....
He hath made everything beautiful
in his times....(Ecc.3:1.2&11)