Saturday, February 25, 2006

I love mornings!

So it's around 10:47 AM on Saturday morning. I'm kicking back at my PC relaxing entering this blog. I've had about a cup and a half of coffee, so my caffeine buzz is going pretty strong now. iTunes is cranking out soft rock and the sun is out. Wow! This is kewl!

I love mornings! The eyes open on the weekend and I can't stay in bed. I need to experience the day. The air is cool and crisp. Everyone's waking up from a long nights rest or just going to bed from a night of partying or maybe someone works graveyard to support a family. Dogs want to go out for their morning walk. Mama and papa birds are gathering food for their children.

Enjoy the morning everyone.

Love ya!

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Totally Blessed said...

I love mornings too. To see the sunrise and wake up the day, to hear the birds sing sweet songs. The sky is so pleasantly fresh and the air seems so clean. A new day...the past is gone and it's an opportunity for a fresh start. Anything I did before I can do better, any hurts I experienced have past and I have grown stronger. A new day which always looks forward to an even brighter tomorrow.