Thursday, June 03, 2004

Words to Live By...

Wow! I have so many things going through my mind. It's so slow around here, but I'm still working. I have a lot of time to think, search, deliver. Whatever! I'm writing freely so try to read between the lines. Sorry, if none of this makes sense. God, I pray that you would help me to see the truth through the lies. I'm a little confused, but I'm confident that God will pull me through. Praise the Lord in the valleys and from the mountain tops. Praise Him when your down and when your up. Love everyone always no matter what they say or do. Speak well of everyone. God loves you, doesn't he and your a rotten sinner, saved by His grace only. Stay true to God and to yourself. Stay true to others. Don't be judgemental like the ones who profess to know Christ but don't practice His teachings. Love all human beings despite of sex, race, disability, disease, sexual orientation, etc. Stay true to yourself. Learn to love yourself so you can love others. OK. I feel better. Love you guys! Bye!

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