Friday, June 04, 2004


I bought a HDTV yesterday from Amazon! It should arrive the end of next week. I'm so excited! I love electronics! What a boring life! :) So, I'm going to be going to my sister's new house tonight to return the TV she was loaning me. Kewl! I belong to 24 Hour Fitness. My trainer has been helping me build up my "Core". Abs/Back muscles. It's going really well. We meet once a week. I've also been walking back and forth to work. It's a two mile walk and usually takes me around thirty minutes. I can see new muscles on my thighs and my calves are exploding! Getting old, so I want to stay as healthy as possible as long as I can. Tomorrow is Harry Potter with Eric(bf) and friends! I need to see the first two again. Not a big HP fan. Anyways, have a nice weekend everybody! Love ya!

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