Saturday, January 06, 2007

Looking For Love?

Looking for Love. Isn't that all we're doing? Or is it just me? We walk up and down the street hoping to achieve eye contact with at least one person who finds us attractive and acknowledges it. I find myself searching for that sometimes. But, if this is where someone finds their self-worth, then their quest will be filled with empty relationships and broken hearts.

Beckoning the Darkness

Lately, I've been learning a lot about having true self-worth. Sometimes my self-worth depends how others think of me, but when I remind myself of my core values, the more I like myself as a person and the less my self-worth depends on other people. True self-worth is recognizing that you have a place in this world and it doesn't matter how others feel about you. The perception of who I am once came from the perception of how I felt my father thought of me. My earthly father didn't instill in me any self-worth and I used to think, "If my father doesn't love me, then there must be something wrong with me." Now, I receive my self-worth from above. My spiritual Father loves me and accepts me for who I am unconditionally and He's given me the power to love others.

So, write down a few inner qualities you like about yourself and then stop and give yourself some much deserved love. You are made in God's image and God loves you. After you've done that, impart a person's value to them by telling them how much you love and appreciate the qualities they have.

Spread love, not hate and we'll make this world a better place.


Aaron Joshua Oliver said...

God bless you. I can identify with many of your struggles and journey toward wholeness. I've heard from a priest recently that talked about how we cannot worry about the salvation of others unless we reconcile ourselves to our Creator. I also interpret this as we cannot truly love others unless we love and value ourselves as made in the Imago Dei (image of God). Many times I wonder why I have to struggle with my sexuality and orthodox Christianity. But I also know that our struggles can be transfigured, which help us get closer to God. These issues made me call to the name of God in the first place. Pray for me,


Calandra said...

Good words.