Saturday, April 01, 2006

Beliefs and Revelations

Have you ever had a revelation? Have you ever known something in your head, but not in your heart? I've setup an elaborate belief system that I thought was protecting me, but it was actually destroying me. DESTROYING ME! I've been carrying around the belief that I am a worthless, unintelligent human being. The false love and confidence I had in myself was just my way of pushing down the feelings of inadequacy. Don't believe that about yourself. You are worthwhile and intelligent. I needed to be reminded of that and it's finally beginning to take root in my heart.


1. acceptance of truth of something: acceptance by the mind that something is true or real, often underpinned by an emotional or spiritual sense of certaintybelief in an afterlife
2. trust: confidence that somebody or something is good or will be effectivebelief in democracy
3. something that somebody believes in: a statement, principle, or doctrine that a person or group accepts as true
4. opinion: an opinion, especially a firm and considered one
5. religious faith: faith in God or in a religion's gods


1. information revealed: information that is newly disclosed, especially surprising, or valuable
2. surprising thing: a surprisingly good or valuable experience
3. disclosure: the revealing of something previously hidden or secret
4. christianity demonstration of divine will: a showing or revealing of what is believed to be divine will or truth

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