Tuesday, June 22, 2004

"Gay Christian" or "A Christian Struggling with Being Gay"?

Please, don't misunderstand me. I am merely making a statement about "Gay Christians", not confessing my beliefs. I do not believe that homosexuality is of God and I'm not anywhere close to changing my views. I cannot call myself a "gay christian". I am a person that is a christian who struggles with being gay. This is my own view and I am in no way trying to minimize anyone else's opinion. Being gay is a personal and deeply rooted part of a person, especially if you have always felt same sex attractions since birth. Being judged for being gay is an attack on the whole person, because being gay is a part of who you are. You've always been gay since you can remember or maybe you've just discovered you are gay. It's still a part of you. I've felt this way since the beginning too.

I am a person who loves Jesus Christ with all my heart who is struggling with being gay. I haven't found a way to come to terms with it. That's just how I feel. You can hate me for it, but that's who I am, and I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I was in a gay relationship for nine years and I've been dealing with being HIV+ since 1994. Currently, I'm in a gay relationship and I've been very open and honest with my partner about my spiritual struggles. He has been very supportive of me and he encourages me to find peace of mind.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or straight. God loves us all. We are all people dealing with our own lives. I will be standing before God alone when I give an account for my life to Him, so I need to find peace with God without being a judge to anyone else. I need to point the finger at myself and search my own heart. Judging another person doesn't make me more righteous than anyone. It just make me more of a hypocrite and a coward because I'm afraid to look at the person in the mirror. I want others to see that there are "Followers of Jesus" out there who do not have the same view, but still love them unconditionally. I am sure we will be very suprised who we see being sent to heaven and to hell.

As always, I love you guys and spread love.


Updated Monday, August 3, 2009:

Check this site out, "The Gay Christian Network".


MyxMaster said...

Just wanted to say that since I wrote this, I've almost come to terms with being gay and being a christian. I believe God loves me unconditionally no matter what. That's "my life right now". :)

Anonymous said...

I've been having the same issues, but I've came to the realization that I had to end my gay lifestyle, meaning sacrificing some of my happiness to walk with Jesus Christ.I'm not going to judge you but I really hope you arent continuing any sexual relationship with your partner, physically, intimately.We can try to fix our lifestyles to suit us, but that doesnt mean it's ok with God,as Christian we arent suppose to feel comfortable we are supposed to be warriors for Christ, we all struggle with temptation but we overcome them through our faith in God, Holy Spirit in us, the blood of Jesus.So anyone that believe that they can continue in Sin, or continue living a gay lifestyle, sexually, romantically etc and be a true BORN AGAIN follower of Christ really need to start reading their bible, and asking God daily for forgiveness, and a better understanding of what he expects from them, it's not able what we want, it's about doing Gods will, being obedient to his word, crucifying our flesh,putting him first and not our own happiness, or what makes us feel more comfortable, or how we thing we should serve God, also the way we are suppose to serve God as nothing to do we our selfish opinions, but according to the Word of God, in the bible.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. I'm struggling with these issues too and The Holy Spirit led me away from the gay lifestyle. It has no part in a born again christians life.
I'm by no means perfect and I still struggle with lust. But we need to remember that Christ has already won the victory over our temptation. Through His precious blood we are set free.
I'd also like to tell you, if you allow His Spirit to change you, the relationship you'll have with Him will be worth a million times more than any in the world.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

How can you say that God loves you unconditionally? Yes, God does love you but he hates wickedness and the homosexual act just as he hates divorce and abortoin. God will never lower his standard towards serious sin, he gives us a way out and we either take it or stay within our sin. He demonstrated his patience with Sodom and Gomorrah. View how Sodom looks today at YouTube. Having same sex attraction is an imperfection of the flesh just as any other wrong desire within us, we may not have the choice to remove this desire but we have the choice to engage in this conduct. We can change if we want to, this life is temporary, God will remove these feelings from us as it was never his intent to live a life like this. Few gay people will change, history has proved that. The question is, will you be among the few who will receive everlasting life? Or one who just lives a momentarily life of pleasure, which will end in death? Each will make their choice, God forces no one...
There are ways to curb one’s appetite for this desire. You must stop viewing pornography, actively visiting places that arouse that desire. Stop masturbating, that only feeds the desire. Your penis was designed to have true pleasure with someone you truly love and are committed to. Not another male.
You can change your thinking if you want to; it’s either pleasing yourself or God. When God sees that you are trying he will give you his holy spirit to diminish your struggle. You can become a winner in God’s eyes if you want or become a slave to this desire that brings no true happiness.
The proof is in the pudding. Gay people think they are happy but they are not. The majority of gay men are lonely; they go from man to man and even if they find someone suitable it never last long. If God felt that this life style would bring true happiness to men, why would he condemn it? Why would he set laws into place against it? It does not make sense. Look at the way he designed life and creation, so much brilliant work went into it, our bodies itself are an miracle in how it functions. A God with such knowledge knows what will work and will not work; he knows what will make us happy and what won’t make us happy.

Anonymous said...

To the commenter who calls divorce, abortion, and homosexuality "serious sins", you are wrong. God does not categorize sins as we do. A sin is a sin. From stealing to living a gay lifestyle. It does not matter. They will all lead to damnation without the salvation of Jesus Christ. Also, it is wrong for us to judge one another. (Matt 7:1) Do not judge lest ye be judged. It is judgmental and biased of you to insinuate that gays are just unhappy men engrossed in a life of pornography, masturbation, and "places that arouse that desire". You do not understand how the what you like to call "desires" of a homosexual work. I have never been attracted to a female in a physical way. And many gays feel the same way. I can not speak for all homosexuals because there are in fact many who are only looking for sex. Just as there are many straight men who only look for sex from women. Multiple partners and sexual immorality is not limited to homosexuals. I myself have never been physically attracted to a female. For this reason it would be wrong of me to take up the straight lifestyle and marry a woman. I could not hurt a woman in that way. A woman deserves someone who will love her for EVERYTHING she is. In fact, everyone deserves someone who will love them for everything they are. I have asked time on time as I have grown up for God to give me "straight" feelings and thoughts. While thoughts are something we can push away it is very hard to change them.
Homosexuals do not visit places in order to become aroused. It can happen at the grocery store just as it could at a club. The thoughts are not limited to the places we visit and things we do. Those of us who are Christians and struggle with homosexuality can relate to this. Its as if no matter how hard we pray or try to change what feels like almost instinctive, we cannot. We instead try to control them just as a straight man controls his lust for women.
One last thing I'd like to say about the above comment. All gay men are not unhappy. I have been blessed with meeting an amazing man who I believe God brought into my life to be my support system forever. He believes exactly as I do and I am happy. I am in love with him. I believe sexual immorality is a sin, and I admit to struggling with it. But I do believe he was brought into my life for a purpose and if sexual immorality is avoided I believe there is a way to have a relationship that is acceptable to God and still allows for him to be my partner forever. I love him and we will struggle together :)

Anonymous said...

To the person above me... God most certainly placed you and your partner together for a specific reason. It is clearly said that God IS LOVE and that LOVE is the greatest of all things. He did not lead you to one another to deny love and decide that because you are men, it is wrong... I am so glad you have a relationship with God that allows you to be at peace with the way he created you. Gay or straight, we all struggle with lust and sexual immorality. The difference is gender and last I checked, we are all equal. Man and woman. We are the same inside... I pray over you and your partner. I hope each day you wake up feeling blessed to have eachother, feeling blessed to be sharing in the grace of God together and blessed that God brought you the greatest gift of all. LOVE! My prayers to you both on your journey. Sincerely, an in the closet gay 23 year old to afraid to let love in...