Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Definition of Strength

As my eyes open, I remind myself of all the things that give me the passion to make it through another day. My body's broken, but my spirit doesn't die. I run out the door to catch my bus and then I"m on my way to work again. By Friday, I'm thankful that I made it through another week.

I find inspiration all around me by keeping my eyes wide open. While I sit contemplating about how the day will go, a fragile old woman gets on the bus. I wonder about where she's going. What is she carrying? How much does it weigh? How does she do it?

I thank God and then I'm ready to make it through another day. This is my definition of strength. Dig down deep and remind yourself that we are no different than everyone else, you'll find the strength to go on by watching the ones who do.

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