Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cruz Kontrol

02/24/07 @ 12:28 PM

I'm sitting in the back of Spikes Coffee, a cafe on 19th near Castro Street, reading, "Enrique's Journey". The book is about a boy's journey from Honduras to the United States searching for his mother who immigranted to the USA years earlier. While I'm reading this very engaging story, I find myself experiencing memories I've had with my own mother. This is a very good book.

There's a heterosexual couple next to me playing a game of exchanging kisses. I move to an open table at the front of the cafe. I'm sitting next to two guys who are having a very intense conversation about relationships. One friend is trying to convince the other friend to take a break from the relationship. A nine or ten year old boy walks by the front of the cafe triggering more memories of me as a child.

My 16oz double soy latte with a shot of vanilla has kicked in. I'm cruzin' at a speed of 80 mph. My mind was trying to work me over this morning, but I cut it off at the pass. I going to remain focused and I'm not going to let my mind wander into negativity.

I'm letting off the accelerator now. I'm doing 70 mph to take on more of the scenery.

I love this cafe.

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